Avid Professional Services

Customize your workflow. Empower your organization.

Working smarter is no longer an option; it’s a necessity. Avid’s Professional Services team is made up of industry veterans and experts with decades worth of real world experience behind them, in everything from Broadcasting Engineering, to Graphics, to Feature Films. Our Avid experts help your organization make confident decisions and achieve more with less. Avid Project Managers, Project Engineers, and Consultants take a collaborative approach—partnering with you and stepping into your world to customize the solutions and workflows necessary to meet your specific business challenges. Interested in learning more about Avid Professional Services? Please contact your local sales representative.

Why Avid Professional Services?

Avid’s Professional Services team brings worldwide leading practices across multiple industries and functional disciplines, to address your business requirements. Our team will work with you before the sale to design the right solution – together – and to help you realize numerous business benefits.

  • Reliability – A common, proven global methodology reduces design and deployment risk.
  • Communication – Overall management of schedules, risks and interdependencies creates a climate of clear, unambiguous communication that reassures all stakeholders of success.
  • Operability – Project Engineers are trained on the latest technology and product features.
  • Efficiency - Workflow Consultants draw on hundreds of worldwide projects to bring each client the latest industry practices.
  • Customization – Our focus on workflow design and implementation allows us to customize production workflows that meet our customers specific business and operational requirements
  • Return on Investment – By ensuring productive workflows and operational efficiencies are in place and designs maximize available budget, customers can gain increased productivity leading to a measurable quicker return on investment.

Project Management

Project Management

Our Project Managers guide your organization through the entire implementation process—addressing issues and managing risks during each phase of the project. We are not only responsible for the success of your systems – we also work to facilitate productivity and strong communication among your people...  Read More

Project Engineering

Project Engineering

Essential expertise, value, and innovation are what our Project Engineers bring to your organization. Reinventing your operation from the inside out is a methodical, time-tested process that our industry veterans and experts understand and work with you to perfect...  Read More



Providing Consultants that customize and configure system features to fit each unique workflow adds even more value to our service offerings. Our Consultants do more than give advice and share expertise. They immerse themselves in your operation... Read More